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Our Mission at Cognoscenti

Cognoscenti is a startup technology blog that is located only online. Here at Cognoscenti, we want to give our readers everything they need to know about the ever-changing realm of tech. We strive to give our readers articles on all types of technology issues and products for free!

We have articles about many different and fascinating topics. These include Mobile Tech, Laptops, Smart Home Tech, TVs, AI, Vehicles and, last but certainly not least, our feature of Tech Today which includes Today’s Deals.

Our Mobile Technology section has articles about smartphones, wearables, tablets, wireless and wired charging, wireless and wired headphones and earbuds, and the software and hardware for these types of products.

Our Computers section contains articles about 2-in-1 PCs, desktops/monitors, laptops, and software and peripheral hardware for these types of products.

Our Smart Home Tech section includes topics about new smart home products and reviews of them.

Our AI section contains articles about robots, what the future may hold in AI, and big changes in the field.

Our Gaming section includes articles about gaming industry leaks and rumours, console gaming, new gaming monitors, and the best new video games being released.

Our Vehicles section contains articles about EV’s, hybrids, and tech features built into all types of vehicles, such as Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Our Tech Today section includes articles about tech deals from Amazon, and a calendar and previews of the most important tech industry events.

Why Cognoscenti?

Why we’re Better

At Cognoscenti, we aren’t owned by a big media company like Vox (The Verge) or Business Insider (Tech Insider) or CBS Corporation (CNET). Rather, we are an independent news site that gives you everything in the realm of tech that you need to know and nothing more. Best of all, our basic content is free! Finally, we produce this for you, not for ourselves.

When, Where, and Why?

The CEO of Cognoscenti John Waldo, is a lover of and believer in Tech. He founded Cognoscenti on Sunday, May 19, 2019. John did so because of his heartfelt belief that he wanted people to feel immersed in the realm of technology like he has been. He wants his readers and subscribers to know about the most interesting things going on in the Tech world at any given moment.

What Does cognoscenti mean?

Cognoscenti is an italian word originating from Latin. It means “people who are considered to be especially well-informed about a particular subject.” Our mission is to help our readers and subscribers become true Tech Cognoscenti! Our goal is to influence the Tech world, and try to help tech giants and tech lovers make the world a smarter, more efficient, cleaner, and safer place for all. We aspire to achieve this goal with a little bit of help from our readers and from the rest of the Tech world!

Be A part of it

Have you ever wanted to write a Tech article on a website without hassles? Well, now you can! At Cognoscenti, we value people’s opinions overall, and especially about Tech. That’s why you can submit a 5-page or fewer article to us anytime you wish. If we like it, and it is approved by our editors, it will be edited and posted onto our site for all of our viewers to see!