Computex: What Has Been Revealed at the Gigantic Computer Convention

What Happened?

Lots and lots and lots of cool products happened. Most notably, the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo, Intel laptop prototypes “Honeycomb Glacier” and “Twin Rivers”, and the AMD Ryzen Gen 3 product suite.

It seems as if dual screen laptops are the future, as major hardware titans displayed prototypes and even actual models that cosumers can buy right now at Computex 2019. Some of these titans include Intel (“Honeycomb Glacier” and “Twin Rivers” laptop prototypes), Asus (Zenbook Pro Duo), Apple’s recent MacBook Pro’s. Computex 2019 also showcased Lenovo’s extremely futuristic Yoga C930, which had rolled out at IFA 2018 and which you can buy right now!

AMD’s Ryzen Gen 3 product suite, in my opinion, deserves to be highlighted. Some of its CPUs will have 16 cores of processing power. Imagine having a 16-core CPU with the amazing Lenovo Project Limitless 5G laptop PC prototype. Now, that would be pure heaven!